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Breathable. Comfortable. Grips like magic! Revolutionizing your pole practice and training. You can actually feel the pole or ANY metal object that you grip with. High quality magic palm material, high quality inner lining and neoprene outer shell with full knuckle support and wrist support. No noise on contact, no sweaty feeling, no constriction. Apply Tite Grip II Lavender grip aid on your hands for optimal use.

"I wasn't going to come out with the gloves just for the sake of coming out with the gloves... unless it was perfect or better than any glove out there. One day we found this material. When it came in, I was disappointed because it was smooth and wasn't what I thought it was. Then I put it on a pole and something magical happened. For the first time I could feel the pole and IT STUCK. That's why we're calling it "MAGIC" - Joe Ginger, PGA Golf Professional

 Patent Pending. Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry. Clean pole thoroughly before practice. 

Now available in White & Silver
Retail Price: $19.95


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"I usually hate pole gloves. And these? Love love LOVE them! I can actually feel the pole and do things I wasn't able to before!"
- Derick Pierson, National & International Pole Champion. 

"Wow! I love them! They feel amazing!" - Tinu Ola, Pole Spin Chief Editor

"I love how grippy it is without the stiffness of PVC." - Jean Kwong, Flirty Girl Fitness Pole Instructor

"I love these! The gloves didn't make my hands sweat like other gloves. They gave me a stronger grip."
- Jennifer Lee, Body & Pole/Crunch Pole Student

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